The Socialist Countries
A distinct feature of the socialist countries was that they all offered regular annual scholarships for university education to a large number of young Sri Lankans.
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Mr. Mangala Yapa elected as the President of National Chamber of Exporters PDF Print E-mail

Mr. Mangala Yapa holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering (Hons.), from Astrakhan Technical University, Astrakhan, Russia and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.

He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL), Chartered Engineer accredited by IESL and a Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, UK, a Founder Fellow of the Chartered Professional Managers (FCPM) and a member of the PIM Alumni.

A Marine Engineer/Naval Architect by profession, Mangala is currently the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Colombo Dockyard PLC. He is also the Chairman of Dockyard General Engineering Services (PVT) Ltd.

Following is an article published on Daily News on his new achievement as the President of National Chamber of Exporters :




Mangala Yapa heads NCE

Needless to say that we are at a crucial juncture; the world is slowly coming out of an unprecedented economic crisis and the country that has come out of a 30-year-old devastating war and associated perils, is embarking upon achieving economic resurgence, social development and lasting peace. These are challenging and difficult times, said Mangala P. B. Yapa, the Incoming President (NCE) addressing a large gathering at the 19th Annual General Meeting held at the Galadari Hotel.

Following are some key points from the President elect's speech.

It is so vital for the exporters to truly appreciate and understand such external and internal politico-economic situation and adopt strategies that help us to support the country to move forward. I am sure that you would appreciate that leading the NCE; a business chamber consisting of almost all the exporters of this country in such a context is not an easy task, but a challenging responsibility.

I assure you that along with the newly elected Council and Management Committee will strive to the best of our abilities to take due cognizance of both the expectations of the exporters, challenges and difficulties encountered by the government and do our best to create an environment that enables progress and success.

There are and there will be many challenges. The dire need for deep engagement with the policy makers and bureaucrats in regard to government policies and their implementation, the growing demand for skilled and competent employees, the need for support and incentives for innovation, creativity and productivity improvement and in consequence achieving sustainable growth in the export industry can be some of such challenges, amongst many, that we may have to face.

The Sri Lanka Institute of Exports, which was an initiative of our Founder President and President Emeritus, Patrick Amarasinghe, is one amongst many initiatives that the NCE has embarked upon in finding lasting solutions.

The purposes are multiple; to address the apparent and emerging skills shortages in the industry, to function as a platform to engage in deep analysis and discussion of issues and policies concerning the industry would be some important aspects. With the able leadership and invaluable experience of P.D. Fernando, former DG Commerce, and team of committed experts in the industry, I firmly believe that we are in the right track in establishing this unique but most important institution, for the sustainable development of exports industry.

Having associated with the export industry for over three decades, I am quite aware of the complexities and the difficulties involved in moving ahead. There is no easy way, but I firmly believe that with determination, commitment and hard work, it is possible to find solutions to many complex problems. Changing our thinking and the way we do things may be the key towards finding such solutions.

Japan, which is the leading Asian economy, is a good example to follow; they too started after the perils of Second World War and became a world leader in exporting both products and services in a sustainable manner.

Nubuhito Hobo, Ambassador for Japan in Sri Lanka, was the Chief Guest.
- See more at: http://dailynews.lk/business/mangala-yapa-heads-nce#sthash.4TxkM0Go.dpuf